Razor's Writing

Razor writes romance novels and comic books.  Current and future books are listed below

Current short stories and novels soon to be available:

Green Eyed Monster - 3 mildly erotic 50 page romance stories.  Each features regular people falling in love with mystical help.

The High End - When 7 young women do a college project to find out about High end escorts, they become so enamored with the idea that they start their own agency.  But life as an escort is not what they expected, and neither are their clients...

Cinderotica (Adult) - She won the prince's ball... Only Cindy could handle the royal heir.  Highly erotic short story set with stories based on the Cinderella story.  Not yet for sale.

Indigo Memoirs (adult) - a lifetime in the making, from  young woman to mature BDSM mistress, this is a highly erotic multi chapter novel.

Graphic Novels - Razor is head writer of the quarterly Catseye Comics graphic novels.  She and her co-authors make stories that not only educate about various charities, but also help support them with pat of the sales income. 

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