Razor Indigo

Razor Indigo ( Or Rae Zorindigo on Facebook ) is the pen name for a versatile writer who produces books and graphic novels in several genres.

She was created based on a character in the book Reflections Of Dawn.  When the author wanted to try to sell his books online in Secondlife he hired his friends to play the characters in his book.  Razor originated there, but soon became independent from the character in the book, and with the authors permission soon became the anonymous pen name of the person who controls the Secondlife avatar. 

Razor Indigo writes romance stories, and writes for and helps run Catseye Comics Inc.  Razor Indigo is one of the managing partners of the charity organization.  Catseye comics does many of its photographs and panels using the Secondlife  internet world.   Razor is the primary writer, sharing the duties with her friend and editor in chief, Ai Kikuchiyo, and their business manager, Steve Stone.  Razor builds sets in the 3d world for use in the comics.  She sets up everything from buildings to vehicles to costuming and special effects.

"Some say love, it is a Razor that leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need." 
-The Rose (song) by Amanda McBroom (and Bette Midler)

Occam's Razor is a principle that suggests we should tend towards simpler theories.

Razor believes that the old style of entertainment still has value, so she writes pulp style books and stories, and helps keep Catseye Comics as a family oriented book without sacrificing meaningful storylines.

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